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Compensation and Benefits

We are well versed in the principle of "seeking compensation and retaining benefits". We provide our employees with competitive cash income and diversified benefits in order to make them feel safe, happy and respected.
In addition to harmonious employee relations, we also have the most competitive cash income, diversified benefits, our cash income includes: basic wages, 13 salaries, bonuses and other incentives.
Our benefits include various social security stipulated by the state and a number of special comprehensive benefits, including:

  • Social insurance

    Old-age care, medical treatment,
    work-related injuries, unemployment.

  • Housing benefits

    Housing Provident Fund

  • Supplementary Medical Insurance

    Enjoy additional supplementary outpatient and emergency care, < br /> inpatient medical insurance, and < br /> maternity allowance for women

  • Paid vacation

    With paid vacation, < br /> the number of paid < br /> vacation days will increase with the length of service.

  • Accident insurance

    We provide security for employees to share risks,

  • Physical examination

    We are very concerned about the < br /> health of our employees and provide a comprehensive physical examination once a year < br />.

  • Leisure and group activities

    To enable employees to get after work
    Rest and relax, our staff < br /> club will arrange wonderful < br /> programs and activities for staff.

  • Employee Care in New Year's Day

    In traditional festivals, in order to show our concern for employees < br />, we will present a beautiful gift of < br /> for the festival.

  • Training/Employment Development Opportunities

    We provide good channels for training, public service and < br /> career promotion abroad.

Welcome to join our < br /> Meiya family!


Job Summary

1. 负责客户开发

2. 实行并完成9159金沙游艺场分配的销售目标

3. 具备较强的销售能力或丰富的销售经验 

4. 具有成熟的销售技能


Job Summary

1. 负责FLEXA编程,试产,效率提升,不良品控制及分析对策,设备安装点检,保养等

2. 培训客户工程技术人员

3. 设备安装,点检及维修保养

4. 收集生产数据并完成相关报表

5. 驻厂跟线服务

开发工程师 .NET ( C#/ VC++)

Job Summary

1. 负责VS.NET产品研发和设计

2. 配合项目要求编写相关研发文档

3. 参与核心难点的技术攻关

4. 对承担的研发进度和质量负责

5. 协助项目经理负责项目相关事宜


Job Summary

1. 在客户现场负责进行设备安装、维护、故障排除和维修复杂的电子设备

2. 能通过电话或在客户现场估评、分析、检修、解决设备的故障问题

3. 核准设备的质量检验,引导客户如何操作和维护设备系统,对各种项目为客户提供管理及技术支撑

4. 负责项目评估,实行项目计划,协助供应商和客户解决技术问题

5. 良好的问题解决能力和管理客户的能力

6. 确保并提高客户对AMTEC作为服务业中最好的一站式解决方案提供商的持续认可

7. 该职位要求至少50%工作时间的出差

Recruitment position

If you are interested in the following positions, please send your resume to with the title of
. "xxxx (name)+apply for xxx xxx (position name)"
Thank you for your attention to recruitment in America and Asia.!

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