Component Placement

FUJI Smart Factory Platform NXTR

The NXTR is a high-end model placement machine that pursues placement quality and productivity through expanding supported panel sizes and part handling capability and enhancing data processing while continuing the popular Fuji concepts -- compact, high area productivity, single side operation, modular, and simple operation.
The newly developed automatic feeder exchange system frees operators from changeover and supply work.
Fuji is paving the way to the future of Smart Factories with NXTR.

Development concept: 3 Zeros

1. Zero placement defects

Stable, high-quality placement can be maintained using newly-developed sensing technology to always maintain correct placement through checking the conditions of electronic parts and panels and then reflecting them to the machine.


2. Zero machine operators

The newly-developed Smart Loader completely automates part supply and changeover for next production according to the production schedule.

This prevents short stops from part supply errors and similar issues that are caused by delays and mistakes during supply work.


3. Zero machine stops

NXTR continues the complete modularity concept employed by the NXT.

Heads and other units can be exchanged without tools, making it possible to perform maintenance offline.

Predictive maintenance is made possible through self-diagnosis, preventing sudden machine stops from affecting the production plan.


FUJI NXTIII/ IIIc Scalable Placement Platform


  1. Compact lightweight heads

    ●Heads can be exchanged easily

    ●High speed and high accuracy

  2. Single-side operation

    ●Only a short distance is traveled for part supply and changeover

    ●Production lines can be configured freely into layouts

  3. Checks tombstoned parts, missing parts, and upside-down parts

  4. 3D Coplanarity check that removes faulty parts

  5. Low impact placement

  6. Electrical property checks (LCR checks) of chip parts

  7. Panel warpage check

  8. High quality, high density placement at top speed

  9. Wide range nozzles: Integrate 4 nozzles for multiple parts sizes (0603 (0201"), 1005 (0402"), 1608 (0603"), and 2125 (0805")) into three types (S, M, L)

  10. DX head supporting various types of parts

  11. 67,200 cph/㎡ - World's best productivity per floor area

  12. Bringing specific processes inline

  13. Support for placement of various parts: supporting from standard to large and odd-form parts, and by handling parts using various methods such as placing large connectors with pressure insertion or parts with clamp pressure control

FUJI All-in-one Placement Platform


  1. Supports production for large panels and simultaneous production of two models

    ●The AIMEX III can support large panels up to 1,068 (L) x 710 (W) mm in size

    ●Simultaneous production of two different products is possible using a double conveyor configuration machine

  2. Handle from 0402 (01005") to 74 x 74 mm sized parts with one head

  3. Minimizing the changeover count

    Changeover time can be reduced by performing MFU batch changeover, and by the machine having up to 130 slots for feeders that make it possible to load all of the required parts

  4. Ramping up production smoothly

    Automatic data creation and on-machine editing using a large touchscreen panel support ramping up new production and responding quickly to sudden changes to programs

  5. Easy to introduce, compact design

    AIMEX IIIc is a compact machine, with a width of 1,280 mm and a length of 2,346 mm

FUJI Ultra Accurate Placement Platform


  1. Can load dies and SMDs with different supply methods

    ●Supports wafers from 4 to 12 inches

    ●Up to 16 feeders for tape reels from 4 to 16 mm in width can be set on the fixed feeder table

  2. Modular concept that supports a many varieties of production types

    ●Inherits concepts from the NXT-series

    ●Flexibly support different production types for flip chips, small dies, and large dies just by changing head types

  3. Supports flip chips and face-up supply

    This machine can change between flip chip and face-up supply production methods as well as supply up to 25 different wafers

  4. Automatic pusher pot exchange

  5. Automatic nozzle exchange

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