Solder Paste Printing

FUJI Solder printing machine - NXTR PM

NXTR PM is a printer that embodies the NXTR concept of reducing line size, high area productivity, front operation, and ease of use.
It is built to support wide panel and frame sizes, and has the capability to print delicate solder patterns.
By creating optimum production schedules using the Fuji system, and linking with other machines in the line, it is possible to achieve stable production.
Various data is collected within the machine, which can then be used to maintain quality and the state of the machine.

FUJI High Precision Screen Printer


  1. Keeps positioning accuracy ±12?m (6σ)

    Consistent highly rigid machine design from the base to printing section enables high accuracy printing for any task - from ultra fine patterns (0201 [008004''] parts) to the printing of large panels - and the durability to maintain printing quality

  2. Clamping machanism supports various types of panels

    Side clamping to print to the edge of a panel

    Top clamping for very thin panels and downward warped panels (switch to side clamping easily)

    Vacuum clamping for upward warped panels

3. Minimizes maintenance

4. New operators can be trained quickly

5. Checks printed conditions using 2D solder inspection

6. Various support software available

7. Cup type auto solder supply

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