X-Ray Inspection

Nordson Dage Jade Plus X-ray

inspection for electronics assembly

Prove Your Quality

Jade Plus inspects the hidden regions of your products which are inaccessible to optical tools.

  • Spot quality process trends early using advanced measurement tools for distance measurement and voiding.

  • Ensure IPC-A-610 and IPC-7095 compliance with built in checking for BGA and QFN voiding, solder ball diameter, roundness, bridge and missing.

  • See assembly defects clearly with 0.95 ?m image resolution. 


Inspect Fast

Enjoy high throughput even with a high mix of products.

  • Save time inspecting multiple boards. Program an automated inspection routine once, then load, click and go.

  • See from every side at high magnification. Unique double angle geometry does not rotate the board so you never lose orientation.

  • Click to jump directly to a specific part. Component Location uses board design data so you always know what you are looking at.


Nordson Dage Quadra Series

Better clarity
Up to 6.7 MP images providesincredible brightness, contrast, spatial resolution, depth of field and grey scale for clearer images and easier analysis.

Inspect quicker
Live enhanced inspection technology up to 30 fps means real-time image processing giving the best images quickly to maximize throughput.

Stay sharp
The QuadraNTTM X-ray tube provides unbeatable images with high resolution at high magnification. With up to 10 W target power at 0.1 μm feature recognition or up to 20 W target power at 0.3 μm feature recognition the QuadraNTTM delivers sharp clear images.

Easy to use
The ergonomically designed cabinet is tailored to optimize how a user interacts with the system. The intuitive GensysTM inspection software enables operators to be up and running in seconds.

Nordson MATRIX X Series

? High Speed AXI system for inline setups

? Microfocus X-ray tube (sealed tube / maintenance free)

? Multiple programmable motion system with linear motor axes

? Digital CMOS flatpanel detector

? Automatic grey-level and geometrical calibration

? Barcode scanner for serial number and product type selection

? Full product traceability via various Industry 4.0 MES

? Interfaces IPC-CFX ready

VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions


1. Small components like 01005 possible

2. Fast and easy training of new components

3. Multi-touch panel PC

4. Automatic drawer for easy loading and unloading

5. Designed for 24/7 operation

6. Full X-ray protection according to German and European standards

7. Interface for bar code scanner and label printer

8. Warehouse interface

9. Network connection

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