Semicon & OPTO


Jin Bun AOI


1. Customized: meet individual and special function needs
2. High resolution which can judge tiny adverse
3. High sharing capability with changing wafer spec only needed adjust magnification
4. Picture memory: memory front face, back face NG and OK
5. Picture show: can show NG and OK picture on all stations in time
6. Sorting with customized set: can set the NG name and blowing classification
7. SSD Hard disk.: fast machine start time with advanced computer hardware
8. Considerate interface: easy to handle
9. High positioning accuracy : super high resolution ENCODER with no wrong judge 
10. Manufacturing statistics show: can show NG statistics in all stations



1.  Minimum conversion between devices & carrier tape widths

2.  Handles micro devices down to 0.6x0.3mm

3.  Non-contact device alignment

4.  Vision guided PnP

5.  Multiple operation modes

TTVision F220


1.  High Speed Inspection Head for Higher Throughput

2.  Lower Cost $ per unit LED

3.  Faster Return-of-Investment (ROI)

4.  Multi Wires on Multi Dice Inspection for more device configuration

5.  Foreign Material Inspection (Optional)

6.  Simplified Angle View Setup

7.  Simplified Recipe Setup

8.  Reinforced Machine Base for Lower Vibration

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